Goats Pride Dairy at McLennan Creek
Goats Pride Dairy at McLennan Creek

Our Animals

Why aren't the goats in the barn when we come to visit?  

On sunny days, you won't find our goats hanging around inside.  They love to romp through the pastures, chase each other on the grassy hills, and nibble on the trees.  Our goats have access to outside all day long, but have a choice as to whether they play or loaf around inside.  You may also find some babies in the outdoor pens playing close to the house where they can play in a safer environment.   


What do the goats eat? 

Just like people, goats enjoy variation in their diet.  In addition to pasture and trees that they find outside, our goats enjoy a varied diet of organic vegetables, organic bread, brewers grain, hay, sunflower seeds, flax seed, organic juice pulp, etc plus vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy growth and development.  


What happens when a goat gets sick?

We have many years of experience treating our goats using homeopathic remedies and essential oils.  We find that these treatments are more effective than antibiotics.  


Why isn't your farm certified organic?

Goat's Pride Dairy was a certified organic farm until 2014.  At that point, a decision was made to not renew the organic status of the farm due to the cost and the availability of certified organic food sources (specifically hay) for the goats.  Since that time, our on farm practises have not changed significantly.  We continue to be committed to produce the best quality product we can and to ensuring our animals receive the best quality food available.   We interview our sources and accept only those food sources that use sustainable, non-chemical farming practises.



Contact Us Today!

30854 Olund Road
Abbotsford, V4X 1Z9

Phone: 604-854-6261

E-mail: info@goatspride.com

Where to Buy Our Products

Our Products are available at our on-farm store located at

30854 Olund Rd, Abbotsford,


and at these fine retailers:


Choices Markets

Donald's Markets

Famous Foods

Fresh St Market Marine Dr.

Nature's Fare Markets

Nature's Pickins

Nourish Market

Organic Grocer

Pomme Naturals Port Coquitlam

Queensdale Market

Ralph's Farm Market

Stongs Markets

Two EE's Farm Market

Whole Foods Markets

Open House 2018

July 14, 2018

Noon to 4pm


Come out to the farm for a day of fun!

Visit with our goats, chickens and ducks,

Taste our milk and hand made yogurt and cheeses,

Visit our on farm store,

Make some ice cream,

Visit our salmon stream,

Take a goat cart ride!

Free admission.  


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