Why drink Goat Milk?

With the number of types of milk and alternatives that are being offered on grocery store shelves these days it can be quite confusing to determine which of these options is the best one for you and your family.  Here's a few reasons why goat milk is a great choice:


Did you know that 65% of the world drinks Goat's milk?  


Goat milk cells are 1/5TH the size of dairy milk cells, making goat milk easier for humans to digest than milk from larger animals.  


The protein in goat milk is a different type of protein than in cow milk (A2 vs A1).  This protein is much more easily tolerated by humans, especially those with food allergies.


Goat milk contains lactose, BUT it also contains an enzyme that helps our bodies to more easily digest the lactose so for people with lactose intolerances goat's milk often does not give them the same symptoms.  Also, when made into yogurt, cultures convert the lactose in goat milk into lactic acid, further reducing the lactose content of those products. 


Goat milk is alkaline.  Like human milk, and unlike other animal milks, goat milk has an alkaline (not acidic) profile which is healing to the human digestive tract.


The nutritional profile of goat milk - the protein, fat content, vitamins, calcium and other mineral content are more similar to human milk than other available milk and milk alternatives on the market.  Children, especially young children need healthy fats and proteins, which can be found in goat milk, to properly support brain development. 


Food Allergies are on the rise in our society.  Whether you are allergic to the protein, the fat or the lactose in the cow's milk, goat milk can be the solution.


As with any food product, it's always best to look for high quality products, produced close to home and get to know the farms that supply your food.  We encourage you to look for farms that use sustainable farming practises - those that care for the health, well-being and quality of life of their animals and who also care about the environmental impact of their farming practises.  Come visit us at our farm to learn more!  




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